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Praying Wife, Healed Husband is a riveting account of Marcy’s spiritual fight on behalf of her husband, Tee, as the clock was ticking on his life. His was one of the worst COVID-19 cases known to one of America’s top hospitals in the early stages of the 2020 Pandemic. Hear how Marcy’s remarkable and relentless faith stirred up a bounty of prayer warriors to breathe hope into a hopeless situation.

As the entire world has been challenged by varying degrees of virus upheaval and panic, resulting in ever-increasing death toll statistics, this book reminds us that there is a human element to this crisis that supersedes numbers. It reminds us to take inventory of our spiritual life while we still can. It reminds us that with every trial in life, we have the opportunity to respond with faith or with fear. When Marcy chose faith, miracles happened.

About The Book

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, 

and obtains favor from the Lord.

~Proverbs 18:22

Before March of 2020, Tee & Marcy were your typical, fun loving, empty-nester couple, living their lives to the fullest. Then, in the blink of an eye, life as they knew it drastically changed. During March 2020, COVID-19 struck their household forcing them to endure the ultimate test of faith to not only sustain their marriage and finances but life itself!

Tee spent 46 days isolated, for the most part, from his beloved wife and family as Johns Hopkins Hospital’s worst COVID-19 case at that point in time. With 28 of those 46 days in a medically induced coma, it wasn’t looking good for Tee from a physical and medical standpoint.

This book will have you devouring every page consisting of Marcy’s journal entries, progress notes from Tee’s medical team, and inspiring text messages to and from her friends, family, and spiritual leaders. You’ll be intrigued by Tee’s personal account of matters as he fought to defy death several times while intubated.

Fortunately for Tee & Marcy, they had excellent health insurance and other affairs in place to overcome this major curveball life threw their way. As a bonus, enjoy their self-help section full of expert advice and resources to assist you in getting your own house in order regarding your health, wealth, and relationship wellbeing. Now, more than ever, you must protect yourself in these times of crisis.

What’s Inside

Chapter 2:

The Emergency Room

An ER Visit Turned Unimaginable

When we arrived at the ER a nurse met me at the curb saying she was waiting on us. I thought “Yes, we’re off to a GREAT start. No ER drama, so everything is going to be fine.”

I couldn’t go inside, as they weren’t letting anyone in—especially not me with a recent COVID positive diagnosis. As the nurse and I helped Tee out the car, he realized he didn’t have his phone charger with him. I promised him I would get him a charger if he ended up being longer than planned. I kissed him, told him I loved him and reassured him he would be OK. I watched them put him in a wheelchair and wheel him toward the ER entrance. I climbed back in my car to head to the parking lot. I glanced back and noticed they were taking his vitals at the entrance. So, I looped back around and asked the nurse if he had a fever. She said, “No, he’s normal.”

I thought to myself, “Great, still no fever, we are good!”

Driving off, I looked back one last time and took note of the back of Tee’s head and his gray and orange sweat suit. That last image replayed in my mind over and over in the weeks to follow.

I sat in the car for about 45 minutes without hearing from anyone. Finally, I dialed Tee’s cell phone and he didn’t answer. He called me back about five minutes later and put the ER doctor on the phone (the heroic, angelic, incomparable Dr. Sarkar, whom I introduced you to in my earlier section).

“Things are a lot worse than we envisioned here.” Dr. Sarkar began. “We are going to have to do an emergency intubation, and we need your permission.” My mind rapidly grappled with that information to formulate a suitable response. Emotion took over as I spewed sentiments of how special Tee was to me and how he had so much to live for. Through a teary and shaky voice, I gave permission—no, it was more of a command—for Dr. Sarkar to do whatever he and his team needed to do to save Tee’s life!

Next, I begged him to let me in to see my husband. “Please, I will wear whatever you need me to.”

Dr. Sarkar’s chilling but truthful words struck as a reality check to me regarding the severity of the coronavirus in those early stages of the pandemic. “I can’t let you do that; you will contaminate my whole staff.”

They handed the phone back to Tee and I spoke to him briefly. His slurred speech indicated he was succumbing to his pre-intubation sedation. I told him I loved him and that he was going to be OK. I assured him he was in God’s hands.

That would be the last time Tee and I would speak for more than a month. With all the peaks and valleys, and trials and testimonies that were about to take place, that one month felt more like a year.

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I just saw the video of Tee being discharged home and I just couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. Your faith in God and Tee never ceased, and it moved mountains to bring Tee home to you. You are an incredible person. My joy knows no bounds! I pray that blessings will continue to shower on Tee, you and your whole family.

Kasum K RN, Johns Hopkins ICU

Amen! I am blessed and encouraged by your faith and perseverance during this time. Keep going and know that God is healing Tee, even if it's not in our timeline. He will do what He said!🙌

Ministers Jared & Danielle Perry, Prayer Leaders TC Prayer Warriors

I know the power of God very well & I was most honored to watch & participate with a woman of God using what I call her “daughter power” while her husband was on ventilator fighting COVID. Watching Marcy’s faith at work, calling on prayer warriors & reporting details to the warriors daily for our individual & powerful group prayers weekly & as needed based on the daily reports of her husband, Tee’s status brought the words in the Bible to life. As the Bible says (& I paraphrase) in James 2:26, without works is dead also & in Mark 11:24, whatsoever things we ask when we pray, if we believe that we will receive them, then we will. If everyone operated in this way, the world would be a better place. Thank you Marcy for including me in one of the miracles that our Heavenly Father allowed❣

Chaplain, Dr. Monica Andrews, Divine Order Foundation

So excited I'm so so happy you're T's wife. You are the best. I got the title for your book "Behind Every Man's healing Is a praying wife"

Chris Seymour

Amen! You are a great praying wife! He is a miracle but you are an inspiration! You are showing us all what a Godly wife should look during a crisis. I just pray, if my husband was going through something like that, I would stand up like you have done this entire time.

Jill D.

When I heard that Anthony was in the hospital with COVID and on the ventilator, I was devastated and knew it was time to pray. I was excited when Marcy called and asked me and my wife Kristi to help set up the Saturday prayer calls and to actually be one of the prayer warriors on the Saturday prayer calls. Watching the POWER of God in action through the good and bad days and then to see Anthony come home in May was a true testimonial to the power of PRAYER. I am thrilled about how Marcy represented a praying wife and never stopped believing that my brother was going to be healed.

Ministers Jon & Kristi Gray, Prayer Leaders TC Prayer Warriors

I’m so grateful for your leadership. You helped to bring me closer to God and bring our family closer together this year.

Janet Jeffreys

I'm so glad my brother is doing good, he's strong and I knew he was going to pull through, I cant wait to tell him that he has an awesome wife and how you kept praying for restoration and preservation. I am sooooooo grateful and thankful to have you as my sister in law, you are the BOMB.......I just want to thank you and tell you that I love you so much. Can't wait to see you guys. Please let me know if you need anything, Kevin and I are here.

Vera W.

The Authors

Meet Co-Authors, Marcy Myles-Clark and Theirrien (Tee) Clark, First-Time Inspirational Authors and Master COVID-19 Overcomers, encouraging and enlightening their readers of Praying Wife Healed Husband with their remarkable story of miraculous healing.

When not writing, Marcy, a native Philadelphian, is also an entrepreneur who has worked in the Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales industry for 20+ years. Tee, a native Marylander, is a 30+ year law industry professional. Prior to marrying in 2015 and setting up household in the Howard County, Maryland area, Marcy and Tee enjoyed a long, beautiful friendship/courtship. They boast of a beautiful, blended family of two children, twin grandsons, and a grand-dog.

To their friends and family, Tee & Marcy are likened to Martin and Gina of TV’s sitcom, Martin, for their fun and lively relationship style. Hailing from a childhood of traumatic experiences and painful losses, Marcy cultivated the ability to laugh at life’s troubles and rely heavily on her faith, understanding that hardships are designed to craft one’s strength and grant unwavering faith.

Tee and Marcy are passionate about helping others “get their house in order” spiritually and financially to position for success. To learn more about their book, services and events,  email them today! 

Book Reviews


I am so impressed with Marcy & Theirrien's book about their experience with Covid-19. I loved it so much that I purchased 25 copies for my friends and family members who love to read! It is not only a detailed account of what happened to Theirrien when he almost died of Covid-19, it should also be an inspiration to all who read it. Marcy truly loves her husband and she proved that she was up for the challenge. Her faith in God and the dedication of the hospital staff at John Hopkins gave her the strength and stamina to cope. Marcy became an extraordinary warrior who was willing to fight for her husband's life. She is an unusual woman with many talents and capabilities. You will be blessed by her insight, her compassion and her writing skills. Don't miss out in sharing her story!

Catherine Jones

Just came home to my autographed sellers book!! The girls were looking at Tee's pictures in the book and are amazed by how God restored him. Even children will be blessed by this testimony! TGBTG! Keep pressing cousins...God is pleased!!! Love you guys!

Ayana Bronson-Hann

Reading your book and come to this section. Where you text that Tee’s in trouble and you’re heading to the hospital. It made me cry that morning and makes me cry now. I was so scared for him and for you. In the back of my mind the only reason they were going to let you see him was to say goodbye but alas God is Good and thank Him that he’s still with you! Love you guys!

Tracy Cossaboon

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